Funni Game™ Builds

Pre-Lario era versions


This is the first relesed version of the game. In which there are a few unfixed bugs and unnerfed Bush.


This version is like a first one,but with small changes and fixes.And Bush was nerfed.


Last version in pre-lario era, it's like 1.0.2 but with chapter codes.

Lario era versions

1.0.6(Everybody to be a bybyn)

Most awaited version so far, this version is full overhaul of the game.

Chelik's bunker

This is a parody of Boofie's bunker,and spin-off of Funni game

Joke versions

Funni game 2.0

This is a joke version of funni game, that suppose to be a sequel.

Violent Game.

Oh yeah...This is a joke spin-off of funni game,where you play as FreeMan to defeat Chipushila.